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About Summit

About the HDI LCO Leadership Summit

This is where you will stay up-to-date on all summit happenings from our featured speakers and breakout sessions topics, to social activities and so much more! Key highlights include:

  • Engaging breakout sessions led by the greatest minds in our community
  • Key leadership insights and strategies on the topics that matters most
  • Optional Social activities, perhaps a Garden of the Gods Hike, Baseball game, or BBQ
  • An opportunity to network and develop lasting relationships with experts and peers 

Nothing beats collaborating, networking, and collectively improving on your leadership skills alongside fellow Local Chapter Officers. At the 2019 HDI Leadership Development Summit you’ll do just that, in an exclusive officer-only environment, while building meaningful connections and relationships. Nothing beats collaborating, networking, and collectively improving on your leadership skills alongside fellow Local Chapter Officers

LCO Leadership Summit Video

Association for Technical Support Professionals

HDI is the leading events and services organization empowering the technical support and service management industry and its people. We started the IT service and support industry over 30 years ago, and are the standard for performance improvement at both the organizational and professional levels.

We are also wholly committed to the advancement of this community. Whether it be through community membership, best practice resources and content, career networking tools, vendor references, local chapter membership or hosting in person events and meet ups, HDI is the industry’s leading connector and collaborator. That is why thousands of organizations and professionals have leaned on HDI over the years to connect them to the answers that advance their careers, grow their network and improve their customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

HDI's Mission

HDI’s mission is to advance this industry through community, transformative education and events, and outcome-oriented advisory services. We are now poised at the cusp of digital transformation to lead this industry into the future.

Conference Costs

There is no charge to Local Chapter Officers, National Officers or Board of Directors to attend this event.

  • HDI covers all meals within the Leadership Development Summit Meetings and the Awards Dinner on Saturday night for Local Chapter Officers, National Officers and Board of Directors.
  • All personal food and entertainment done outside of the Leadership Development Summit will be the responsibility of the officer.
  • NOTE:  Personal guests can attend the HDI sponsored evening reception/meals for an additional fee.  Please, contact to register your personal guest.

Our Sponsors

Check out opportunities to sponsor our national organization or the local chapters. 

Our Events

Learn about national, local chapter, and other organizational events. Don't miss out on the adventure with your peers and other industry professionals.